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Severe Weather Warning Issued by Metservice 11 July

9:26am, 11 July 2014

The Metservice has issued a further severe weather warning for the Nelson Tasman Region.

In the South Island, heavy rain has started in Westland and Nelson, and further heavy rain is expected in these areas till Saturday night or Sunday morning. The heaviest falls are likely to affect the ranges of Westland and western Nelson, where 200 to 300mm may yet accumulate.

This continues to be a significant rainfall. People in all these areas should look out for rapidly rising rivers and streams, surface flooding and possible slips.

Key Messages from Nelson Tasman Civil Defence

  • Please pay close attention to this evolving weather system. Rivers will come up. Be aware of the possibility for surface flooding on roads over Friday and Saturday.
  • Clear storm water grilles around your property.
  • If your property is prone to flooding, you may wish to invest now in some sand bags.
  • Ensure your three day kit and get away kit are up to date. Details for this are at
  • In an emergency, dial 111. 



The ranges of Nelson


Heavy rain has set in and is likely to continue well into Saturday. In the 27 hours from 9am Friday to midday Saturday, expect another 150 to 200mm of northeasterly rain about the western ranges, with 70 to 120mm nearer the Golden Bay coast. Maximum intensities of 20 to 30mm per hour about the ranges. Please note, that further heavy northwesterly rain is likely after this period.

FREEZING LEVEL: About 2300 metres.


Severe Weather Warning Issued by MetService 10 July

10:56am, 10 July 2014

Metservice has issued a severe weather warning which includes heavy rain for the Nelson Tasman District. People are advised that heavy rain can cause surface flooding and slips as well as causing rivers to rise, while strong winds have the potential to damage trees, powerlines and unsecured structures and make driving conditions hazardous. For the South Island, rain is expected to beome heavy in northern Fiordland and Westland tonight, and 150-200mm of rain is expected to accumulate there overnight Thursday and during Friday.…

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Civil Defence Centre at Victory Standing Down

6:41pm, 25 June 2014

The Civil Defence Centre activated by Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Management in response to flooding in the Victory area of Nelson has been stood down.   The flood waters have been receded to the point where the immediate need is no longer required. If however, people do require welfare assistance as a result of the flooding they should call either the Nelson City or Tasman District Councils.…

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