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Serious Heavy Rain Warning for Nelson Tasman region

5:00pm, 16 April 2014

The Metservice is forecasting 200 - 300 mm of rain in some areas and east to southeast gales are expected in exposed areas during Thursday, with possible gusts of 110 km/h between 6am and 6pm, mainly about higher areas and exposed parts of Golden Bay.

Combined with over 400 mm having already fallen in some areas over the past 8 days (including 200 mm yesterday) this forecast is a good reason to be prepared.

If the situation eventuates as forecast, there is a chance of flooding in the following areas:

  • Northern Richmond Ranges into Nelson and beyond
  • Riwaka and Motueka West Bank
  • Abel Tasman National Park
  • The hills behind Takaka

Rivers, particularly the Maitai, Brook, Wakapuaka, Riwaka, Anatoki and Waingaro will under close observation, however care needs to be taken around the tributaries to these as well as creeks in the Abel Tasman National Park

Due to the current levels of land saturation these areas could also be susceptible to landslips affecting roads and land.  The combination of strong winds and wet ground may cause tree damage.

Council staff and Civil Defence will be monitoring the situation overnight and into tomorrow.

Sandbag Information

Sandbags are available at Sand and Land, 56 Pascoe St Tahuna – filled sandbags cost $4-00 each – Sand & Land are open from 8am to 5pm including weekends.

Sandbags will also be available at Millers, 127 Bolt Road Tahuna where filled sandbags will cost $5 each. Millers are open 8am till 3pm on Saturday and 10am till 2pm on Sunday.

The bags themselves are less than one dollar and you can choose to fill your own.

  • Sandbags are not waterproof and are best utilised in directing water flow rather than keeping property dry.
  • They are not stored pre-filled as they will begin to rot when put into storage with damp.
  • Keep sandbags dry and separate from sand (or soil) until needed.
  • They require time and effort to fill and place, therefore they generally need to be filled and placed in advance of an event rather than in the middle of an event.
  • Filled sandbags are very heavy. Generally only half-fill as this allows for easier and better placement.
  • Stack them like bricks, overlapping.

Alternative solution

Sheets of PVC are a practical way to waterproof around doors provided they are fixed in place adequately.

More information

As a general rule residents are responsible for looking after themselves.

If you are in danger, or your property is under immediate threat please contact emergency services on 111.

Heavy Rain Warning



Rain is expected to pick up again overnight Wednesday, with heavy falls during Thursday and possibly Friday. In the 21 hours from 3am to midnight Thursday, expected 200 to 300mm about the ranges of northwest Nelson, with 70 to 100mm about some low lying areas.

Heaviest falls are expected from late Thursday morning through to Thursday evening, when rates could reach 30 to 50mm per hour about the ranges of northwest Nelson.

FREEZING LEVEL: 3200 metres.



Rain is expected to pick up again early Thursday, with heavy falls through to early Friday morning. In the 21 hours from 6am Thursday to 3am Friday, expected 200 to 300mm about the ranges, with 70 to 100mm about some low lying areas. Heaviest falls are expected during afternoon and evening, when rates could reach 25 to 40mm per hour about the ranges.

FREEZING LEVEL: About 3000 metres.

National Advisory: Tsunami - Potential threat to New Zealand Cancellation Strong and unpredictable currents may still occur

8:58am, 14 April 2014

Issued at 0130 hours on 14 April 2014. Issued by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM). Tsunami advisory cancelled It is unlikely there is a tsunami threat to New Zealand.…

Read more about National Advisory: Tsunami - Potential threat to New Zealand Cancellation Strong and unpredictable currents may still occur

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Sandbag information can be found here

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