Tsunami Evacuation Maps

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View the Maps GNS Science and the Tasman District and Nelson City councils have developed a series of tsunami evacuation maps.  Such maps are being prepared for all of the New Zealand coastline.  Using the web portal on this page, anyone will be able to see the mapped evacuation zones for the Nelson Tasman coastline. Click here to view the maps.

What the maps show

There are three evacuation zones shown on the maps:

  • Red Zone
    small more frequent tsunami that are essentially a beach and nearshore hazard.  The Red Zone is also the area of greatest impact in a larger tsunami.
  • Orange Zone
    large distant source tsunami.  Due to the relatively long travel time official warning of such a tsunami approaching can be expected.
  • Yellow Zone
    large, but very infrequent, local sourced tsunami.  Because of the short travel time it is unlikely that there will be any official warning.  The public will need to self-evacuate based on natural warnings (see below for what this means).

Further information:

If you have further queries, you can reach us here:

  • Email inquiries em.admin@ncc.govt.nz
  • Phone the Nelson Tasman Emergency Management Office via Nelson City Council (03 546 0200) or via Tasman District Council (03 543 8400)