RSS Civil Defence

Keep up to date with the latest civil defence news and emergency notices published through RSS feeds from Nelson Tasman Emergency Management and the Ministry of Civil Defence.

You can subscribe through your RSS reader.


What is a RSS feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) enables you to subscribe to website content. With an RSS feed, you get notified as soon as new content is published, and see all updates directly in your RSS reader. RSS feeds are free.

What is a RSS reader?

An RSS reader is software that checks your feeds and displays updates. There are many different RSS readers available. The most commone ones are:

  • Web-based RSS readers, such as Bloglines, Google Reader, or browser plugins such as RSS Ticker
  • Desktop software, such as Newsgator, FeedDemo or RSSBandit
  • Email clients, such as MS Outlook (2007 and later), Apple Mail, or Thunderbird.

Follow the instructions of your chosen RSS reader for how to set it up.

How do I subscribe to a RSS feed?

First, you need to chose and install an RSS reader (see above.)

To subscribe to a RSS feed, click on the RSS icon. Depending on how your browser and RSS reader are set up, this may subscribe you to the feed automatically, or prompt you with further instructions.