CDEM Group Plan

Civil Defence in Nelson Tasman

Download the Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan (2.8MB PDF)

Our region and our country are beautiful places to live, but they’re also places that challenge us.  Much of our local infrastructure is built across, or close to, fault lines; we regularly experience flooding; and the historical record shows our region has experienced some tsunamis.

Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Management has just updated its Group Plan, which has been in effect since 2005. The document updates identified hazards and risks as well as setting out the group’s plans for the next five years.

CDEM Manager Debbie De Geus says looking back, it’s been an exceptionally busy time since the last plan was produced, but even recent events have also helped us learn to prepare for the future.

In 2010 and 2011 teams of emergency responders and volunteers from Nelson Tasman travelled to Canterbury to support our neighbours following devastating earthquakes there.  

We know from our experiences in 1929 (Murchison) and 1968 (Inangahua) that we are also exposed to earthquakes.  In December 2011 our region suffered its worst flood in decades, resulting in a Declaration of Emergency and many homes destroyed.

The Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group Plan helps us understand our risks, sets out how we intend to be prepared, how we will react when things go wrong, and how we will recover afterwards.

It’s produced by the Nelson Tasman CDEM Group, which is a partnership between Nelson City and Tasman District Councils and its key partner agencies who are involved in the delivery of emergency management.

Under CDEM Act 2002, the Plan is required to be reviewed every five years.

Further information: Debbie De Geus, Acting Manager, Nelson Tasman Emergency Management, Phone +64 3 546 9500 or by email.