Slip affected properties and assessments

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Is a slip from the mid-December flood event affecting your property?

If so, please contact EQC on 0800 326 243 or your insurance company.  They will advise you about what to do from here. 

If another period of heavy rainfall creates a new slip, you should report this to your Council:  Nelson City (03 546 0200) or Tasman District (03 543 8400).

More information for people with slip-affected or 'stickered' properties.

Phone lines 

For all building and geotech questions, including lodging a new slip, contact the Council customer service office in your area.

All phone lines are staffed - please be patient as call volume may be heavy. 

Building notices and the inspection process 

Slip-affected properties need to have both building inspections and land assessments completed before a property can be declared safe and repairs can begin.

Initial assessment

Houses and buildings affected by slips and flooding are being assessed by both building inspectors and geotechnical engineers for safety.

Stickers are placed on properties once they are assessed. The notice will identify :

  • The Team number of the inspectors
  • The address of the inspected property
  • The condition of the property:
    • Re-enter house (safe)
    • Restricted Use
    • Unsafe (Do not enter)
  • Information for property owners will also be posted in letterboxes

If residents are unable to enter their houses, they are advised to contact either Nelson City Council on 03 546 0200 or Tasman District Council on 03 543 8400.

Second or 'Phase 2' assessments

Once the second geotechnical and building assessments have been completed, residents are able to contact their insurance companies.

If insurance companies are organising their own geotechnical assessment as a part of their decision-making they should contact their Council so that;

  • The geotechnical assessor has the current assessment information gathered to date
  • The property is then listed as moving from response to recovery phase

Once the second phase assessment has been completed and the property is no longer ‘red’ stickered people and/or their agents are able to start work on their property.

Stickers and what they mean 

Red: No access

Stay out. Should you require welfare assistance, contact your nearest Work and Income office.

access to red-stickered properties

There will be no access to red/yellow stickered houses from 23 December through to 3 January due to a lack of personnel available over the holidays. Starting 4 January, homeowners can make an appointment by phoning their Council on 546 0200 to access their homes for emergency/urgent matters ONLY from 8am to 5pm.

Yellow: Restricted use

You may enter the property at your own risk for the use that is designated on the sticker. Each property will have it's own restricted access rules - read the information on your sticker very carefully. Contact insurer to discuss the repair process.

Green: No restriction on use

You can occupy the property. If there is damage, work with your insurer.

Making a claim with EQC 

EQC have a detailed guide for householders who need to make a claim for land damage.

Slips and emergency works issues 

Slips can be unstable and may pose serious safety risks. Under Civil Defence Emergency Regulations, no earthworks associated with landslips can be undertaken by property owners.

Any future reports of slips need to be called into the appropriate council office, where it will be recorded. After slips have been reported, the homeowner should get in touch with EQC on 0800 326 243.